As of summer 2014, we began a partnership with Carrboro Coffee Roasters to bring our customers locally roasted and expertly crafted espresso beverages. We carry a variety of both caffeinated and decaffeinated espresso blends, soon to be offered for sale by the pound.

Blue Ridge Blend: This blend combines deep, rich beans from Indonesia with a medium-dark roast mélange from South America, to create a deep, full bodied coffee with touches of dark chocolate and spice flavors.

Tomas Sosa El Aguacate: Named for the owner of the farm where these beans are harvested, this bean is primarily used for our espresso drinks. The coffee is a Cup of Excellence winner, containing an orange, floral aroma and subtle apricot acidity that is sure to delight.

Decaf Colombia: Our decaf coffee comes from a high grade bean with plenty of body with brown sugar and spice flavors. The smooth finish and full flavor makes this blend the perfect decaf option any time of day!